25 Facts..because why nawt

I didn’t want to write paragraphs to bore you.. and besides if you see a massive chunk of text I highly doubt you would read it. I thought that maybe if I split the content up it will interest you more. I don’t care if you read it all or if you only read a few, you’ll learn something completely random about me but I think you’ll get an idea about my personality. Here’s my way of introducing myself to you, person :)

1) I will never be able to answer “What’s your favourite food” or ” What’s your favourite song”? But seriously who can?
2) In grade 5 I was only 4’ 3”. I thought I was going to be that short forever.
3) I have a playlist for everything: 
    2 AM Playlist ( a variety of party and sleep music.. explains my mood at that time) 
    Pizza Playlist ( a collection of romantic, sappy, love songs.. ya feel?) 
    Study Playlist ( the one that actually puts me to sleep.. so technically this should be the 2 AM     one hehe) 
4) I live for food trips and good company. 
5) If you’re cheesy, we are automatically best friends. 
6) I have always wanted to become a doctor. No matter how many times I tried to rethink this goal I always come back to it. 
7) I have a slight obsession with romantic comedies.. Yes I do watch chick flicks. I just love movies in general.
8) I have extreme wanderlust. A European trip is at the top of my bucket list. 
9) I easily get kiligs..
10) I have been dancing since I was 5 and singing since I was 2. 
11) If you’re wondering what “Baecon” or my blog title means..Message me sometime.. It’s kind of a funny story :) UPDATE: Someone did ask. Here is my very long and maybe not as funny story:
12) I actually hated fixing my hair when I was little since I didn’t want to be bothered but I really like fixing 
my hair now.
13) I always choose to put others before myself even if I’m the one who gets hurt most of the time. 
14)  On my 18th birthday I will go to an orphanage and donate clothes, books, toys, etc. and just hang out with the kids. I want to make those children feel special and happy. 
15) I’m incredibly into baking and photography just like my dad.
16) My day is not complete without his good morning and good night texts. 
17) I miss the Philippines very, very much.
18) I am a massive fan of zipling and bucket list sort of activities. You know those thing that make you go “Oh hey this is gonna be great” and then when you actually get there you want to back out.
19) I can cut off my cable if I wanted to since I watch more youtube videos than actual tv shows. You do not even want to know how many people I’m subscribed to.
20) I fell out of a sailboat in grade 7.
21) I love Zoella otherwise known as Zoe Sugg. She inspires me to blog and write :) 
22) I’m more of a stay at home type of person. I’m not that lazy but there’s something comforting about being on familiar ground. 
23) I still make blanket forts. But seriously, who wants to grow up.. If you would go on a fort date with me then I’m yours forever. 
24) I also live for cake, macarons, and other pastries hehe 
25) It took me a lot of courage to make this blog. 
Oh oops this did end up being a massive chunk of text. My bad,but thanks for reading anyways