1.stayybeautifulxox.tumblr.com- she makes beautiful banners, has a great blog, and is a wonderful person.

2.jouustienne.tumblr.com- she is a great person to talk to. 

3.sun-kissed-skinx.tumblr.com- I like how she made me smile and she has a great blog:)

4.http://but—-thats-just-me.tumblr.com/- Her old tumblr got hacked but I still love her new blog.

5. emmnamoroo.tumblr.com- her blog is beautiful <3 I love it so much

6. http://3-1-3.tumblr.com/ - oh this girllll.. I love her blog so much ..check her edits out :D

7. http://xdaydream-awayx.tumblr.com/ awesome blog check it out check it out check it out