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If you need to smile :)

Hear me out, you reading this right now..

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but I’ll say it however many times for you to believe me.YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE WORTH IT. There is someone out there who can’t stop thinking about you. Many people love you <3. Please start your day with a smile. Lights up your pretty face and someone might be falling for it. Pleaseee Remember that no matter what other people say, you are YOU.YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING, STUNNING,ASDFGHJKL. 


HOLA :) My name is Marzia :) Nice to meet you! Reppin' Vancity. I've been on this earth for 15 years and I blow out the candles every July :3 Lover of God, family, friends, and life. Let's not forget about Food, Travelling, Photography, and the thing I love to do the most: Smile. I'm a pretty chill person so please talk to me ;) I know you want to hit that ask button..We can be instant amigos :)..If you're a dude and is skeptical about following me because my theme is pink, don't worry this isn't the girliest blog around. So whether you're an old or new follower or maybe you're just stopping by I love you all :* Follow me on Instagram :D: itsmarzia. What makes you beautiful? Read the third word again for me...:D

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